The Roller Coaster of Entrepreneurship

“First and foremost a startup puts you on an emotional roller coaster unlike anything you have ever experienced. You flip rapidly from day to day. From one where you are euphorically convinced you’re going to own the world to a day in which doom seems only weeks away and you feel completely ruined and back again – over and over and over. I’m talking about what happens to stable entrepreneurs. There is so much uncertainty around practically everything you’re doing. The level of stress that you are under generally will magnify incredible highs and unbelievable lows at whiplash speeds and huge magnitude.” - Marc Adreessen, billionaire creator of Netscape and investor in Facebook

How to fix blurry LinkedIn profile photos

Hey everybody, I just figured out how to solve my blurry profile picture on LinkedIn, and thought I’d share it.

Real easy, just resize your profile photo to 200px x 200px in Photoshop, and re-upload. Bam!

If your photo is any other size than LinkedIn’s native rez of 200px x 200px the sites software resizes the photo to fit, and can blur it in the proccess.


How Colors Affect Conversions

Amazing stats on colors and conversions

  1. 92.6% of people say the visual dimension is the #1 influencing factor affecting their purchase decision (over taste, smell, etc.). »tweet«
  2. Studies suggest that people make a subconscious judgment about a product within 90 seconds of initial viewing. Up to 90% of that assessment is based on color alone. »tweet«
  3. One study found that magazine readers recognize full-color ads 26% more often than black-and-white ads. »tweet«
  4. Heinz changed the color of their signature ketchup from red to green and sold over 10 million bottles in the first 7 months, resulting in $23 million in sales.

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How Colors Affect Conversions
Source: How Colors Affect Conversions – Infographic