“If you’re a young man this is probably not your time to write a book and change the world, or have a blog that gets hits from all over the planet. This is your time to prepare yourself, to become a man of God. Not to be on the internet, but to be alone with God in prayer.” – Paul Washer

It might seem ironic for me to put this video on my blog’s home page, but I’m putting it here as a reminder to myself, and as a sort of thesis for anyone who sees it.

My purpose here is not to “fill up the internet” with stuff I “haven’t lived long enough to experience.” I’m not trying to be a theological expert to a bunch of people who already know more than I do.

This is a place where I can be found, and share thoughts, experiences, and God’s work in and around me with others in the hopes that I will not forget, and that others will be encouraged.

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